Construction machinery transportation

We also specialize in professional transportation of construction machinery, offering comprehensive transport solutions for the construction industry. As an experienced transport company with 20 years in the industry, we have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully handle even the most demanding projects related to the transportation of construction machinery.

We understand that construction machinery is often very heavy, unwieldy to transport, and requires specialized handling. That’s why our team consists of qualified drivers and logistics specialists who are well-prepared to tackle such challenges.

Our vehicle fleet is equipped with specialized trailers and loading equipment that enable us to safely and efficientlytransport construction machinery. Regardless of the size or weight of the equipment, we can deliver it to the destination on time and in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Furthermore, as part of our transportation services, we offer comprehensive logistics, including handling regulatory compliance, transport permits, escort services, and other necessary procedures. This allows you to focus on your construction projects with the assurance that the transportation of your machinery is in our capable hands.

Transportation of construction machinery and enclosed vehicles.

If you’re looking for a professional partner forthe transportation of construction machinery, that you can trust, we are here to assist you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and ensure the smooth and safe transportation of your construction machinery.